Ode to Dot & James

It is September 15, 2019 and I have just put you both to bed.  Your dad is outside mowing the lawn.  We just had a birthday party, for you, yesterday, James.  You turned two, ate cake and played with trucks, and for that time I felt normal. Everything continues to feel normal on the outside.  … Continue reading Ode to Dot & James

Birth Story for Baby #2

My beautiful daughter Dorothy (we call her Dot) was born October 25th.  I am overjoyed and grateful for how smooth my pregnancy and her birth went.  Here is our story. I had begun my weekly Biophysical profiles at 32 weeks and had my last growth ultrasound at 36 weeks.  A biophysical profile is conducted by … Continue reading Birth Story for Baby #2

I Piloted Medtronic’s Sugar.IQ App and Here’s What I Found

  Last summer, I was one of the 100 participants that were part of the study testing the new Sugar.IQ App.  The trial lasted 90 days. We were prohibited from telling anyone about it or posting any content in public spaces like social media.  But, now that Medtronic has announced that they will be releasing … Continue reading I Piloted Medtronic’s Sugar.IQ App and Here’s What I Found