Traveling with Type 1 Diabetes

Most of the time I have a sweet, "cushy" job.  I work 8am-5pm, my commute is about 7 minutes (which let’s me go home for lunch and to hang out with my dog and husband who also works close), it’s low stress, and my boss let’s me work from home if I need to.  I … Continue reading Traveling with Type 1 Diabetes


Starvation Ketosis

My New Year’s Resolution for 2016 was to get my A1C to 6.5 or less. For non-diabetic readers, A1C measures your average blood sugar over time (3-4 months).  There are many schools of thought A1C but generally an A1C of less than 5.7 is considered normal for a person without diabetes.  A good A1C for … Continue reading Starvation Ketosis