Pregnancy Wins – Weeks 23-25

Things have been improving for me..well really one step forward, two steps back.

Blood sugars have been good for the most part.  But I had to change my sensor three times in four days – normally they are expected to last 6 days each.  I called Medtronic and got replacements (free of charge of course) but they are on back order and I haven’t received them yet.  I have plenty of sensors because I can get an extra 3 days out of mine with spot on accuracy, so I have a large supply.  I’m not sure why they weren’t working but I thought it may have been because I opened a new box and the box was bad.  The first one I tried a new spot, my butt.  I use this location all the time for pump insertions but have never tried it for a sensor.  I have been looking for new locations on my body because with my belly growing so big all the skin around it is tight.  I can really only use arms and legs now, but I like to rotate so each area gets a break.  I read if you can’t pinch up an inch to 2 inches of skin, you shouldn’t put a site in that area.

After the butt failed for I have no idea what reason, I tried the back of my love handles.  I’ve used this site before for sensors but when I inserted the sensor it hurt like a mother!!  I left it in for 24 hours but it hurt to even brush it against clothes or sleep on my side and the readings weren’t accurate so that was a fail.  The skin on my lower back is too taut because of the belly I guess.  After those 2 I took a sensor break.  I lasted 3 days without a sensor and it was heavenly.  I was skeptical going in, especially being pregnant.  But my blood sugars were amazing.  I continued to record my blood sugars 9 times a day for the high risk/OB logs and more than that for myself.  It was nice to take a break from the constant 24/7 data, I will say.

As far as the pregnancy goes, everything continues to progress.  My cervix measurement has remained stable and we passed a huge milestone – 24 weeks!  Twenty-four weeks is when the doctors stop worrying about the baby being born early.  If the baby is born before 24 weeks it has very little chance of survival.  After 24 weeks is definitely still pre-mature but a very high chance of survival due to all the medicinal and technological advancements we have now.  So I had a very big sigh of relief that day.  My OB says our next big milestone is 28 weeks – she said that will be huge.  So we continue to cross our fingers and pray that the baby stays in.  I will be 25 weeks tomorrow.

In the past 2 weeks my basal rates have skyrocketed, especially my overnight.  I’m pretty sure I’m hitting that 3rd trimester insulin resistance I read about.  The other night I stayed 150 for a solid 8 hours despite bolusing almost 10 units of insulin.  That’s insane.  So now I really have to make sure I don’t get high blood sugars because the corrections aren’t very fast and I can’t “walk it off” (I’m supposed to try to stay put as much as possible).

Our last appointment showed baby weighs 1 lb 5 oz.  It is measuring in the 55th percentile.  I feel that was a little trophy for me because I worry so much about having a big baby with type 1 diabetes, so middle of the road was just perfect.  I get very annoyed with coworkers, friends, relatives telling me all diabetics have big babies.  No, uncontrolled people with diabetes have big babies.  And sometimes a big baby is not related to diabetes at all, but genetics!  I think I was 8 lbs, but my youngest brother was 9 lbs 14 oz.!  My husband was 6 lbs but he was a premie and a twin so that’s actually a good size considering those factors.  We’ll see how baby is doing again at 28 weeks – can’t wait!



I myself have gained 12 pounds this whole pregnancy, but am expecting that to go way up soon.  The baby will grow rapidly weeks 28-36 according to my doctors.  I feel like my belly has grown exponentially the past 2 weeks as it has become harder to tie my shoes, sit up from lying down, and see my toes.  I can tell the baby is pushing on my lungs because I find myself getting short of breath often.

image1 (2)

23 weeks


Almost 25 weeks

My husband felt the baby kick for the first time this week!  I have been feeling it for weeks, but the baby has been shy around him.  He was naturally very excited 🙂

There is good news too.  Now that I am past 24 weeks I no longer have to get my cervix checked every week.  Joy!  That is not a comfortable process at all so that is a relief.  After 24 weeks, the doctors feel as though if the baby wants to come out, it just will.  There is no prevention they can do except for the medicine I am already taking.  They also believe that nothing I do after 24 weeks will cause the baby to come out, so I am allowed to take 15 minute walks.  Naturally though, I am a little nervous about walking since I wasn’t allowed to do it for almost 5 weeks and now I’m cleared?  I don’t want to do anything to jeopardize the health of the baby but I worry about the walking.  Of course as soon as I’m allowed to walk, it is now 95 degrees and 100% humidity in Kansas.  Perfect.  I’ve taken my dog on a couple of walks but we both get tired in the heat.

I am sad often about not being able to run.  I miss it so!  I know even if I didn’t have to be on modified bed rest I probably wouldn’t feel good running 25 weeks pregnant in 95 degree heat – but nonetheless, it’s such a big part of my life.  I have been running competitively since I was 4 years old.  That’s a quarter century!  It’s one of my favorite activities.  I see people running when I drive home from work and get a pang of sadness.  I think not running along with pregnancy hormones are mostly what is making me sad.  To prevent myself from getting too sad I have thought:

  1. It is only a few weeks/months I have to do this.  Then I can go back to running.
  2. It is a nice break for my joints, and all the protein in my low-carb diet is probably doing wonders for my bones and muscles (fewer injuries when I return).
  3. Many women would be grateful even for the shot of being pregnant.  Lots of couples experience infertility and I shouldn’t take this for granted (and I’m not – see my previous blog about my family history with infertility Miscarriage and Type 1 Diabetes).
  4.   It is a small sacrifice to have the family that my husband and I have always wanted.

I’m continuing to do my meditation app, which has really helped me manage the stress of this high risk pregnancy.




2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Wins – Weeks 23-25

  1. Hello, I’m lauren, I live in the U.K. and I too am type 1 diabetic currently at 25 weeks today! I love reading your blog and it’s great that I get to have an insight into your pregnancy as I experience this journey myself. I too had a miscarriage, last September, it was a missed miscarriage at 7 weeks. So I feel your anxiety for a healthy and successful pregnancy! I’m so happy we’re at a safe stage in our pregnancies and it’s made the constant testing and overall 24/7 assertiveness so worth it! Good luck for the rest of your pregnancy xx


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